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Thank you to all who auditioned! We had a tremendous amount of talented people show! Our first rehearsal is Tuesday, May 30.
Show Dates: July 28, 29 and August 3 & 4 and 5th at 7:30. July 30 at 2:00 pm 
Here is a link to the scene breakdown of the show. 
Here is a link to the character breakdown.


Deloris Van Cartier:Tajoura Davis

Mother Superior:Christie Martin

Sister Mary Robert:Sydney Moquin

Sister Mary Patrick:Jennifer Schaffner

Sister Mary Lazarus:Sue Bitetto

Sister Mary Martin of Tours:Saige Granger

Sister Mary Theresa:Jeness Nordstrom

Monsignor O’Hara:Vince Ribas

Curtis Jackson:Rodney Martell

Eddie Souther:John Masse

TJ:Derek de Sousa

Joey:Jack Finley

Pablo:Garret Cain

Michelle:Kaylah Barton

Tina:Rebecca Turmel

Ernie:Robbie LaFlamme

Sister Mary Johanna:Wendy de Sousa

Sister Mary Agnes:Kim Daniel

Sister Mary Margaret:Rhonda Perry

Sister Mary Ignatius:Erin Wilcox

Sister Mary Celeste:Hayley de Sousa

Sister Mary Gertrude:Molly Brown

Sister Mary Clara:Destiny Bennett

Sister Mary Colette:Clarissa Martin

Sister Mary Elizabeth:Madi Smith

Sister Mary Teresa:Kaylah Barton

Sister Mary Maura:Rebecca Turmel

Postulates:Addison Granger, Cameron Moquin,

Annalise Nordstrom, Morgan Wheeler

Cop:Cody Virgin

Hooker 1:Jennifer Creasey

Hooker 2:Koralee LaFlamme

Police Station Patrons:Chandler Glover, Saphaedra Renee, Lori Ingham,

Kim Taylor, Kirsten Smith, Jenn Daniel,

Aurea LaFlamme, Drey Saucier

Bar Patron 1:Luis Hernandez

Bar Patron 2:Peter Heath

Bar Patrons:Saphaedra Renee,  Jennifer Creasey,  Denise Steadman,

Kim Taylor, Moriah Graham, Elizabeth Beveridge

Pool Player 1:Cody Virgin

Pool Player 2:Robbie LaFlamme

Drag Queen:Katie Daniel

Homeless People:Cody Virgin, Katie Daniel, Luis Hernandez,

Doug Embree, Chandler Glover, Jonathan Daniel,

Saphaedra Renee, Jennifer Creasey, Lori Ingham,

Hayley Bannister,  Denise Steadman,  Drey Saucier,

Aurea LaFlamme, Kirsten Smith, Elizabeth Beveridge

Cab Driver:Luis Hernandez

Newscaster:Doug Embree

Fantasy Dancers:Addison Granger, Cameron Moquin,

Annalise Nordstrom, Morgan Wheeler,

Jennifer Creasey,  Cody Virgin, Luis Hernandez,

Jonathan Daniel

Altar Boy 1:Riley Roper

Altar Boy 2:Jonathan Daniel

Gay Boys:Cody Virgin, Jonathan Daniel, Chandler Glover,

Luis Hernandez

Church Patrons (these people may also be asked to play other roles):

Cody Virgin, Luis Hernandez, Doug Embree,

Peter Heath, Robbie LaFlamme, Chandler Glover,

Saphaedra Renee,  Jennifer Creasey, Lori Ingham,

Hayley Bannister,  Denise Steadman, Kim Taylor,  

Koralee LaFlamme, Taylor Tucker, Brianna Mercier,

Sapphira Carrier, Arelis Torres, Meghan Gammel,

Jillian Wood, Kirsten Smith, Elizabeth Beveridge,

Jenn Daniel, Moriah Graham, Aurea LaFlamme,

Drey Saucier


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